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Traders Campus was founded with one goal in mind – to make trading interesting, relevant and fun for the next generation of traders. Our trading professionals have learned the secrets of the trade the hard way – step by step they have tested their strategies and their skills, until they have reached a point where they can pass it on forward. This unrelenting passion for trading and market analysis is the reason that we offer our quality courses free of charge - because we believe that anyone can be a successful online trader. 90% of traders lose their money - don’t be one of them!


Our Expert Team

Meet the guys that will teach you the fundamentals of trading. We are a group of veteran traders and finance team with great enthusiasm for the Forex markets. We love trading! Our mission is to make you love it too.

Nigel Kersh Investment Specialist

Nigel Kersh

Investment Specialist

After over three decades in the trading game, I can safely say that only the most determined survive. I joined the Traders Campus team to help you become one of them.

Josh Davis Trading Instructor

Josh Davis

Trading Instructor

I’ve been trading the Forex markets since 2009. It started as a part-time venture, and through a lot of successes and failures, developed into a full-time endeavor.

Sarah Stafford Market Analyst

Sarah Stafford

Market Analyst

I discovered my passion for chart analysis while at university. It’s been a long and arduous journey since, but after reaching consistent profitability, I am now proud to share the insights I’ve gained.

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